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Joy Cook
Specializing In:
Hillsboro, MO
American Cocker Spaniels
Shih Tzus
Family Owned/Operated

We are a small show/breeding kennel dedicated to producing beautiful,happy,healthy babies for
families to love and cherish. We specialize in American Cocker Spaniels and Shih Tzus.

When my husband and I were 1st married, we were told that I could not conceive children. So,
we decided to have canine children! Meanwhile, our family and church began praying for us to conceive.
We now have 3 beautiful human children in addition to our canine babies!

All puppies are raised in our home. Our children dress the babies up in doll clothes and swaddle them in receiving blankets. Socialization is definately not a problem for our precious puppies!

All puppies are warrantied for 1 year against genetic defects.

All puppies are temperment tested to gage how the babies respond to strangers and foreign sights/sounds.

While we very much prefer to place our babies in loving pet homes, we do occassionally place them in extremely special show/breeding homes.

Any inquiry is cheerfully answered and should you decide to purchase a Kismet puppy, you can rest assured that we will be available to you for the life of your baby (should you have questions or just want to chat). For pricing and photos, email us and we will be happy to show off our canine family.

May the Lord bless you and yours with good health, and the perfect canine companion to keep you young and blissful!

Kismet Kennels reserves the right to refuse service to anyone!
Deposits are non-refundable!



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